Q: How are teams formed?

A: There are two ways teams are formed.

  • SPRING AND FALL LEAGUES ONLY: Team registration: consists of up to 14 players per team and secures their own coach. (Must sign up by March 5th).
  • KINDERGARTEN: The structure is modified for kindergarten to focus on skill development. Games are incorporated but no set teams will be established. 
  • ALL LEAGUES: Individual registration: players register without a team and will be placed on a team with volunteer coaches.

Q: Who is on my team?

A: The following is how teams are determined:

  • Players that go to the same school, live in the same neighborhood, or city are placed together whenever possible.
  • Requests: You may request to be on a team with a friend, but that friend must request you as well. One request per player, no chain requests will be allowed. All teammate requests must be submitted by the registration deadline. There is no guarantee that friend requests can be honored. (During the registration process enter the request in the coach name or team name slot.) 
  • KINDERGARTEN: This age group will practice and play together.  

Q: My child has 2 or more friends that want to play together, what can I do?

A: SPRING/FALL LEAGUE ONLY: In order to make a request of 2 more friends to be on the same team you must create a TEAM and list players names and assign a team name. In addition, each player that registers MUST pick the team name during the individual registration process and register/pay in full at least 3 weeks in advance of the first day of the season. In addition, teammate request via email will not be accepted or guaranteed to be placed on the same team. 

Q: I don’t have enough kids to make a whole team, what should I do?

A: SPRING/FALL LEAGUE ONLY: Create a team and fill in the names you do know. Then write OPEN in the remaining slots. This will allow my7on7 staff to fill in the roster with other players.

Q: I’ve made a team so that my son/daughter can play on the same team with his/her friend, will they for sure be on the same team?

A: SPRING/FALL LEAGUE ONLY: We make every effort to fulfill teammate request as long as individual registrations are completed 3 weeks prior to the start of the season and individual registrations must be filled out properly in order for request to be fulfilled – (i.e. entering the TEAM NAME during the registration process).

Q: I’ve made a team so that my son/daughter can play on the same team with his/her friend, do I need to find a coach?

A: SPRING/FALL LEAGUE ONLY: In order for the league to run; volunteer coaches are necessary. 

Q: Who leads the teams?

A: There are 4 volunteer opportunities within each team:

  • Head Coach – aid players in the development and game facilitator (see coach’s page for more details).
  • Assistant Coach – aid head coach with instructing players.
  • Team Manager – league point of contact, and works with head coach to communicate details to parents.
  • Athletic Trainer – assist with player injuries

Q: What team is my son/daughter on?

A: Coaches will receive a full roster at least one week prior to the first game. It is then their responsibility to contact their team. Additionally, the sportsengine mobile app is used throughout the season. See below for how to download it.

  1. Search for SportsEngine on your device and install it.
  2. Sign in using your SportsEngine account.
  3. Once your player is rostered to a team you will have access to see the details of their team, coaches, chat, etc.

Q: What happens if I haven’t been contacted by my coach?

A: Plan to show up at least 30 minutes prior to the first session and you will be directed to your team.

Q: What happens if our team doesn’t have a coach?

A: Teams that do not have coaches will be contacted by My7on7 staff. Teams will then have two options:

  • Can have two assistant coaches – parent volunteers from the team
  • Secure a paid coach (My7on7 can assist in facilitating this – and the cost is absorbed by the parents)

Q: What happens if we don’t have 7 players?

A: If your team is short players for a game, the game will be played “as is”. However, if a team has 4 or less players it is considered a forfeit.

Q: How are teams identified?

A: Each team is designated by a # and color.

  • Jerseys will be provided to coaches/team managers the first day of the season.
  • Jerseys are ordered 4 weeks prior to the first game. Any player that registered after the order deadline may not receive the size requested. Please note, everyone will receive a jersey and we will do our best to accommodate “exchanges”.

Q: Who can participate in the league?

A: This is a co-ed league for players currently in K-8th grades.

Q: How many teams per league?

A: 32 teams are the max per league.

Q: How are teams divided up?

A: Spring ONLY: There are five divisions: (Kindergarten. 1st/2nd. 3rd/4th. 5th/6th. 7th/8th)

A: Winter: Winter league may be grouped differently. This will depend on number of players registered.

Q: What if my son/daughter has never played football before?

A: The league is designed for all skill levels. There will be several beginners as well as those that have played for many years.

Q: Are snacks provided?

A: No. However, parents can bring snacks/beverages for their team. We request that all teams clean up after themselves and beware of allergies. Beverages (except water) and food are not allowed on the football field per facility rules.

Q: Who do I contact if I have an issue?

A: If the issue is in regards to the team, practices, etc. please contact your team manager, assistant coach or head coach. If the issue is in relation to other items seek out the site manager on game day or send an email to info@my7on7.com