Q: What should my son/daughter wear?

A: SPRING/FALL LEAGUE ONLY: We highly recommend dressing in layers (parents too!). Often the field is windy and the weather can be deceiving. Layers include:

  • Long sleeve or sweatshirt under team jersey.
  • Jogging pants
  • Thermal compressions (pants and long-sleeve) work great.
  • Stocking Hat
  • Gloves (either football or regular)
  • Extra socks

WINTER LEAGUE: The league is indoor, however we still encourage layers.

Q: Is there any mandatory equipment?

A: Yes! Mandatory items include:

  • Team jerseys: will be distributed by the coach/team manager on the first game day. (Jerseys are provided by My7on7.)
  • Mouth guards: are required in order to play. (Mouth guards are part of the purchased helmet package or can be purchased at Target, Dicks, or purchased on-site). Players that do not have mouth guards will not be able to play.
  • GAMEBREAKER Soft Shell Helmets: participants will be required to wear soft shell helmets (with the exception of quarterbacks). Each participant will have the option to rent or buy a helmet during the registration process. Players that do not have helmets will not be able to play.

Q: What other equipment/supplies are needed?

A: The following items are recommended:

  • Cleats – either football or soccer (no metal cleats are allowed). This helps with traction on the field.
  • Water bottle – bring filled in case  water is not available on-site.

Q: What is GAMEBREAKER Soft Shell Helmet?

A: My7on7 has partnered with GAMEBREAKER to provide the only state of the art certified soft shelled helmet available. GAMEBREAKER’s uniquely designed padded & soft protective football headgear is molded out of the finest EVA rubber foam, offering maximum protection from impacts and collisions. The hook and loop chin strap combined with adjustable laces in the back, enables the protective headgear to custom fit each person’s head. Lycra surrounds the outer shell, promoting airflow throughout, thus allowing heat to escape the head.

Q: Has any research been conducted on GAMEBREAKER helmets?

A: YES! Virginia Tech has recently concluded a study that awarded GAMEBREAKER headgear with a 4-star safety rating and reduced the risk of concussions by 50%.

Q: Why are soft shell helmets being offered?

A: The goal is to create a culture of player safety within the my7on7 league. The rules of the game have been established to minimize contact however, even in non-contact situations, collisions still occur. This is the first of its kind in Minnesota – but it’s been adopted nationally by many other non-contact football leagues.

Q: Is the soft shell helmet mandatory?


Q: How do I buy/rent a soft shell helmet?

A: During registration you have the option to either purchase or rent a soft shell helmet.

Q: How much does the soft shell helmet cost?

A: Purchase: $45.99 (plus tax) comes with a free cleat bag and mouth guard.

Rent: $25.99 (please note, that the $20 will be refunded at the end of the season – thus check out price will be $45.99 +tax). Rental helmets do NOT come with a cleat bag and mouth guard.

Q: What size do I need?

A: Please refer to the size chart in the registration process and follow the instructions closely. 

Q: What if the soft shell helmet doesn’t fit?

A: Please follow the size chart prior to ordering to ensure accurate size. My7on7 will make every effort to assist with exchanges but there are no guarantees.

Q: I purchased a soft shell helmet but no longer want it, can I return it?

A: All soft shell helmet sales are final.

Q: I purchased a soft shell helmet but we are cancelling our registration – can I get my money back?

A: All soft shell helmet sales are final.

Q: I have my own soft shell helmet, can I wear that?

A: All soft shell helmets must meet Virgina Tech Helmet Lab safety certified standards of at least a 4-star safety rating and 95% head coverage. 

Q: How do I clean the soft shelled helmet?

A: The product is washable — no more sweaty, smelly headgear

Q: How long do they last?

A: If taken care of properly, the helmet will be good for at least 5 years. In addition, GAMEBREAKER guarantees them for 3 years.

Q: I rented a soft shell helmet, but now I want to keep it -what should I do?

A:  Just send us an email to let us know you want to keep it.

Q: I bought/rented a helmet – when will I get it?

A: Helmets will be distributed on the first date of the season.

Q: My soft shell helmet is lost

A: If you rented the soft shell helmet, you will not receive the $20 refund at the end of the season.

Q: My soft shell helmet is damaged?

A: GAMEBREAKER will replace any helmet – no questions asked – if the helmet breaks, rips, or logo comes off. Contact info@my7on7.com for instructions.

Q: Why did my7on7 partner with GAMEBREAKER?

A: GAMEBREAKER has been fully vetted and tested by the NFL and NCAA and are the only product allowed in those spaces and approved by trainers and doctors due to their extensive science, testing, and liability.  GAMEBREAKER has a $5 million umbrella policy on every single piece of headgear based on their significant science and testing.

Q: Where can I find out more?

A: Visit gamebreaker.com