• Off-sides = Loss of Down
  • Delay of Game = Loss of Down
  • Offense will have 25 seconds to snap the ball once it has been marked for play and blown live.
  • Offensive Pass Interference = 5 yard penalty and Loss of Down. Receivers cannot shove defenders to create space
  • No penalty may be assessed in excess of the 40-yard line. If a penalty would move the offense beyond the 40-yard line, the offensive team will only be charged with loss of down.
  • If the referee sees the clock has exceeded 4.0 seconds the play will be blown dead and the ball will be returned to the original line of scrimmage with loss of down.
  • Offensive team is responsible for retrieving the ball to the previous spot or the new line of scrimmage spot. Clock does not stop and any delay by the offense in retrieving and returning the ball to the Referee will result in a delay of game and a 5-yard penalty.
  • Illegal formation – 5 yard penalty
  • Ineligible receiver – 5 yard penalty (ineligible man downfield, is a penalty called against the offensive team when a forward pass is thrown while a player who is ineligible to receive a pass is beyond the line of scrimmage). 
  • The center must take a knee after the snap of the ball. Snapping the ball between the legs is encouraged but not required.
  • Off-sides = 5 yard penalty
  • Defensive Holding = 5 yard penalty
  • Defensive Pass Interference will be a spot foul (1st down at the spot foul occurred) If Defensive Pass Interference occurs in the End Zone it will result in a 1st down at the 1-yard line.
  • Any dead ball penalty on the defense that occurs after a change of possession will result in a loss of down for that team’s offense when they begin their ensuing possession.
  • Responsibility to avoid contact is with the defense. The defense is allowed initial disruption and then must cover. Excessive or prolonged contact will result in a "tack on" penalty at the end of the play. (5 yard penalty)