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Full Rules will be posted soon.
Key Highlights:

  • TOUCH Football (no tackle and no flags)
  • ALL Passing for Grades 3rd – 8th
  • K-2nd can run the ball, but must pass every 4 downs
  • 5 receivers, 1 center, 1 QB.
  • Center takes a knee after ball snapped (must snap between the legs)
  • QB has 4 seconds to throw the ball, if ball dropped, it’s not a dead ball, continue play
  • No blocking or rushing
  • Interception is 3 points. No running the ball back.
  • Fair playing time for all players, regardless of the score is encouraged
  • Referees are current high school players and provided by My7on7. Disrespectful commits to the refs will not be tolerated, and may result in ejection of the game and possible game forfeit.
  • If you are short players for a game, the game will be played “as is”. However, if a team has 4 or less players it is considered a forfeit. (please note, teams are free to play the game and “share” players but it will count as a forfeit).
  • The start of the game will not be delayed because players have not arrived.

Mandatory Equipment:

  • Team jerseys: will be distributed by the coach/team manager on the first game day. (Jerseys are provided by My7on7.)
  • Mouth guards: Players that do not have mouth guards will not be able to play.
  • GAMEBREAKER Soft Shell Helmets: all participants will be required to wear GAMEBREAKER certified soft shell helmets. Each participant will have the option to rent or buy a helmet during the registration process. Players that do not have helmets will not be able to play.
  • Quarterbacks are not required to wear helmets.

Recommended Equipment:

  • Cleats – either football or soccer (no metal cleats are allowed). 
  • Water bottle – bring filled in case the stadium water is not turned on.
Coaches Coordinator

Coaches Coordinator